Boulangeries Comas Inc. (Les), established in the province of Quebec, Canada, was created by two young dynamic founders in 1984. With determination and perseverance they have developed baking and freezing techniques so evolved that it would be difficult to differentiate the breads of our ancestors and those of Boulangerie Comas.

To achieve to such satisfactory results, the leaders never ceased to question, worry, innovate and adapt to new market requirements.

The challenge is great and predominates above all: finding a bakery product to suit the needs of food chains. The other factor to consider is to find a product that will entice and flatter everyone's taste buds.

Keeping in mind the concern for their clientele, BOULANGERIES COMAS INC has developped a line of half-baked bread products Grains d'Europe. From dinner roll to bread loaf, this line is distinguished by its healthy approach, no fat no sugar added and made with unbleached flour, which holds admirably the traditional good taste of bread, lightly tangy with a soft crust.

Our production team, works assiduously and does not hesitate to modify and adapt the equipment to different doughs. There is no problem without a solution to fulfill the demands and keep the highest quality level of products.

Our products aim to fit any budget by offering an array of products that you can find in your favourite grocery store.

Les BOULANGERIES COMAS INC are always ready and willing to meet its clients' requests. It is for that reason that we have set up 6 distribution centers in Montreal, Trenton, Brampton, Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver. Therefore it is possible to find our products from coast to coast.

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